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Advanced Encaustic (Wax Painting) Workshop

Have you been fascinated by the translucent, luminous and textured surfaces that can only be achieved through encaustic (wax) painting but did not know how to get started, assumed it was too hard to learn or were hesitant to work with a blow torch?

In response to requests for instruction by those who have seen her work, Joyce Polance is offering an intensive hands-on workshop in encaustic painting - covering beginning to advanced techniques that do not require a blow torch.

Who is this class for?

*Advanced painters who wish to add encaustic to their repertoire
*Beginning artists who wish to develop their skills as painters through encaustic
*Artists who work in other mediums - like sculpture - that are interested in
exploring textured surfaces
*any painter who wishes to learn new ways to add texture to paintings

What will this class cover?

This class will teach a variety of methods for working with wax and heat including:

How big is the class?

The class will be limited to two or three students.

When will the class be offered?

The class is six hours in length, and may be done in one day or over 2 days.
Since there are only 2 or 3 students per class, dates and times are flexible - based on
participant scheduling. A private class is also available.

painting detail

painting detail

painting detail